at the moment...

What started as a break from power pop band the inevitable breakups led to three years of sporadic writing with no specific purpose, direction or style.  Just the feeling at the moment.  Once the song was written it was put away, not thought of or listened to. 

Time, experiences, and songs accumulated. Eventually, I reviewed the material and realized that there was a tone and vibe that evolved naturally, tying the songs together. I began sharing these songs and found people were really connecting with the material.  "…honest and vulnerable in the best sense of the word…" is my favorite quote from feedback received after sharing these songs with friends and musicians. After hearing my demos, Steve Schiltz (Harvard of the South, Hurricane Bells, Longwave) signed on to produce three songs for what would become the Monte Carlo EP

Though the Monte Carlo EP was recorded solo, the next stage was for At The Moment to be a band. I recruited friends and fellow musicians that I admired and we began playing out. We rounded out the set with more songs from my original demos, a couple of Inevitable Breakups songs, and a cover of my old friend's song “Things I Need More Of”. After numerous shows and with the band getting tighter along the way, the band asked me when was I going to record a full album again. To be honest, I hadn't even thought of it. We had added some new songs along the way and I was just having a good time playing live. As I thought about what they had said, I got excited about the prospect recording a full length LP again ,and I got excited about that album being a vinyl record.

We recorded the album, In For A Ride, at Grand Street Recording, in Brooklyn NY. We laid down the basic tracks for 10 songs in our first day. The band was fantastic. That’s not to say the recording was easy. There were ups and downs as in life, but all of the hard work, persistence, and love paid off. I'm proud of In For A Ride. It's different than anything else I've done before. It feels personal, broad in scope, but connected. It's a collection of songs that I wrote at the moment and in the moment.

     - Daniel Stampfel